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A Joint Exhibition of Intaglio Prints
by New York and Melbourne, Australia based artists
October 26 – November 8, 2014

National Arts Club
Gramercy Park
New York, NY


Rona Green, Submission Magician
Rona Green
Melbourne, Australia
The Submission Magician ©

Elana Goren, Dark Side of the Road
Elana Goren Yorktown Heights, NY
Dark Side of the Road ©

Sarah Houser, Harold and Ernst Cross 34th Street
Sara Hauser
New York, NY
Harold and Ernst Cross 34th Street ©

Richie Lasansky, Brooklyn Portrait: Milo
Richie Lasansky
Brooklyn, NY
Brooklyn Portraits, Milo ©

Richie Lasansky, Brooklyn Portrait: Milo
Regan Tamanui
a k a Ha! Ha!
Melbourne, Australia
A friend is, as it were, a second self ©


This exhibition was a joint venture coordinated by the Etcher’s Society with two of Australia’s top curators. The format of this cultural collaboration is an urban theme that showcases contrasting views and styles from important printmakers working in major cities on opposite sides of the world. Dianna Gold and Carmel Wallace, Phd. of Melbourne, Australia commissioned a cutting edge collection of prints by such important, established local artist pritnmakers for their portion of the project. Mr. Sean Corcoran, Curator of Prints and Photographs at the Museum of the City of New York curated the New York area contributions on behalf of the New York Society of Etchers from a talented pool if artists working in the tri-state region.

The New York area based artists participating in the show included:

Linda Adato, Michael Arike, Nadine Butterfield, Helen Cantrell, Ann Chernow, Joan Chiverton, Ellen Coleman, Roxanne Faber Savage, Kirsten Flaherty, Barbara Garrison, Eric Goldberg, Elana Goren, James Haggerty, Sarah Hauser, Martha Hayden, Andy Hoogenboom, Rosaly Isaly, Martha Ives, Kevin Kall, Denise Kasof, Steven Katz, Chelsea Klein, Anne La Fond, Richie Lasansky, Martin Levine, Brian Lynch, Barbara Minton, Bill Murphy, Mark Pagano, Michael Pellettieri, Alan Petrulis, William Phipps, Suzan Pyzow, Victoria Salzman, William Skerritt, Richard Sloat, Matina Tillman, Anna Marie Trombetta and Steven Walker.

Australian artists included:

Angela Cavalieri, Bindi Cole, Carmel Wallace, Cat Poljski, Debra Luccio, Eolo Paul Bottaro, Heather Shimmen, Regan Tamanui aka HA! HA! Judy Holding, Marco Luccio, Rona Green, Rone

The Australian artists have published more information on this exhibition and their efforts in other parts of the world. Please view the attached documents and visit their Facebook page.

Project Outline (PDF)

Artist's and Curator's CV (PDF)



The New York Society of Etchers directors are grateful to all artists who submitted their work for consideration, and enjoyed presenting the selected work in the fall of 2014.

For more information from the New York Society of Etchers, write: info@nysetchers.org.

Michael Pellettieri, Beacon

Michael Pellettieri
Astoria, NY
Beacon ©

William Phipps, New York City Lion
William Phipps
Bloomfield, NJ
New York City Lion ©

Victoria Salzman, I Never Enjoyed Small Talk
Victoria Salzman
Staten Island, NY
I never enjoyed small talk… ©

Cat Poljski, Measured Fragment of the City
Cat Poljski
Melbourne, Australia Measured Fragment of the City ©