Art of Democracy 2012
The Sacred Gallery
424 Broadway, 2nd Floor
New York, New York

November 3 - 30, 2012


Steven Walker, Flag
Steven Walker
Flag ©

Sue Smith, All Hat No Cowboy
Sue Smith
All Hat No Cowboy ©

Stephen Fredericks, Art of Democracy
Stephen Fredericks
Art of Democracy ©

Kirsten Flaherty, Untitled
Kirsten Flaherty
Untitled ©

Adam Larsen, A Party Favor
Adam Larsen
A Party Favor ©

ANNOUNCEMENT: Art of Democracy: 2012
Opening Reception was held on Election Day, Nov. 6th
after Hurricane Sandy caused a blackout at the Gallery.

The Art of Democracy 2012 Exhibition will launch on November 3, 2012 at the Sacred Gallery in New York.

"Art of Democracy 2012" is the continuation of a series or art exhibits founded by the New York Society of Etchers in 2005 to showcase art works with political and social messages during the peak of national election cycles. The first show in 2006, the Art of Persuasion, quickly morphed into a traveling exhibition which ended its national tour in Chicago in November 2008.

From there it was joined across the United States by some 60 other inter-related exhibitions under the umbrella Art of Democracy Coalition of Exhibitions.

The Art of Democracy 2012 is an historic installment of the ongoing series of shows. This important national survey of politically charged artworks curated by Marshall Arisman will long be remembered as possibly the most significant such effort organized for presentation during the final days leading up to the 2012 presidential election.

The Artists selected are: Jennifer Ale, Anneli Arms, Dan Alvarado, Miguel A. Aragon, Kit Boyce, Carla Bauer, Joseph Bohorfous, Alexander Buzzalini, Kristine T. Bouyoucos, Eve Provost Chartrand, Janet Culbertson, Monika de Vries Gohlke, Corsette Dudley, Barbara Duval, Jensine Eckwell, Kirsten Flaherty, Charlotte T. Fraser, Stephen A. Fredericks, Elana Goren, Jeff Gipe, Ana Golici, Eric Goldberg, Ruthann Godollei, Sarah Hauser, Art Hazelwood, Susan Talbot Hoffman, Andy Hoogenboom, Rosalee O. Isaly, Ellen Coleman Izzo, Leslie Kerby, Ryan Kowalchik, Denise Kasof, Anthony Kirk, Knopf Aram Kim, Philip Laber, Elizabeth Langer, Anne Lafond, Adam Larsen, Christopher Lisio, Brian Lynch, Barbara McPhail, Kevin McCloskey, Diane Miller, Ruth Moscovitch, Jessica Munguia, Joan O’connor, Paul O’hara, Margaret Adams Parker, Alan Petrulis, Nancy Powhida, Tony Parillo, Gail Panske, Joseph Ramos, Cecilia Rossey, Amelia Spinney, William Salzillo, Masha Schweitzer, Regina Silvers, Micah Snyder, Gordon Sherman, Sue Smith, John Semple, Christine Staehelin, Stephanie Standish, Elisabeth Stevens, Donnie Toomer, Dinko Tasovac, Melissa Vandenberg, Angela Valeria, Patrick Vincent, Steven Walker, Caroline Waloski, and Barbara Wilson D’Andrea.

The Directors of the New York Society of Etchers are excited to present this exhibition. We wish to thank all of the artists who contributed their work. We hope everyone finds this selection of art images to be thought provoking and meaningful.

For more information from the New York Society of Etchers, write: info@nysetchers.org.

Philip Laber, House of Cards: Primary Season Augurs Dismay
Philip Laber
House of Cards: Primary Season Augurs Dismay ©

John Semple, Iraq 2010
John Semple
Iraq 2010 ©

Carla Bauer, Homeless in New York
Carla Bauer
Homeless in New York ©

Alexander Buzzalini, Help Me Im Hungry
Alexander Buzzalini
Help Me I'm Hungry ©