The NYSE 2nd National Exhibtion
National Arts Club
15 Grammercy Park South
New York, New York

April 22 - 27, 2012

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Ann Chernow, Wait For Me
Ann Chernow
Wait For Me ©

Jayne Reid Jackson, Final Bow
Jayne Reid Jackson
Final Bow ©

Sigmund Abeles, Psychotherapist
Sigmund Abeles
Psychotherapist ©

Cathryn Aison, Klieg
Cathryn Aison
Klieg ©

Arms Anneli, Crocodile Teeth
Arms Anneli
Crocodile Teeth ©

Mary Bluestocking, Mano Sanando
Mary Bluestocking
Mano Sanando ©

Barbara Wilson, Denise
Barbara Wilson
Denise ©

Sue Smith, Box Cars Waiting
Sue Smith
Box Cars Waiting ©

The New York Society of Etchers' 2nd National Exhibition of Intaglio Prints firmly establishes this show as the pre-eminent annual exhibition of contemporary intaglio prints held each year in the United States. This show also confirms the growing sophistication and beauty of intaglio as a medium and its relevance in the broader art world.

With little effort beyond our mailing list and word of mouth to spread the word of this annual survey of prints among a widening circle of artists – entries for our now prestigious event curated by Mr. David Kiehl of the Whitney Museum of American Art – nearly doubled over last year. Artist-printmakers from New England to Hawaii, the Northwest though the Midwest and across the Deep South submitted work of legitimately stunning variety.

Traditional hard ground black & white etching entries were accompanied by as many aquatints, soft grounds, mezzotints, color etchings, photo etchings, engravings and mixed media prints of spectacular complexity and depth. Many fascinating shows could have been culled from the amazing collection of submitted artworks – but David Kielh - perhaps influenced by his own recent curatorial efforts at the Whitney – selected a surprisingly complex and uniquely 'American' show of artwork connected by subtle threads and mercurial themes. Strongly drawn and composed imagery, of both edgy and traditional narratives were his most favored selections, followed by prints with humorous subject matter, surrealism, and a handful of colorful abstracts. In as much, Mr. Kielh created with his effort an exhibition representing a timely ‘native’ cross-section of some of the best printmaking work being done in the United States, today.

Of the many remarkable artists who sent us work the following printmakers are represented in our 2nd National Exhibition of Intaglio Prints:

Sigmund Abeles, Cathryn Aison, Anneli Arms, David Avery, Chris Bartone, Mary Bluestocking, Kristine Bouyoucos, Elena Brady, Selma Bromberg, Nadine Butterfield, Helen Cantrell, John Cartledge, Kristin Casaletto, Ann Chernow, Soo Jin Chung, Chris Cole, Jacob Crook, Tanya Dajcic, Olwen Dowling, Barbara Duval, Leslie Eliet, Jenny Freestone, Juan Garcia, Mitchell Goldberg, Elena Goren, Maya Hardin, Elizabeth Harington, Art Hazelwood, Yuji Hiratsuka, Susan Hoffman, Andy Hoogenboom, Anita Hunt, Lynne Johnson, Denise Kasof, Lucy Kehati, Heather Kelly, Iona Kleinhaut, Anne Lafond, Elizabeth Langer, William McMahan, Heather McCordie, Ben Moreau, Ruth Moscovitch, Bruce Muirhead, Eva Nikolova, Kota Onouchi, Paul O’Hara, Gregory Paquette, Kerri Parker, Varsha Patel, Lynn Peterfreund, Alan Petrulis, Greg Pfarr, Miryam Prodanovic, Jayne Reid, Andrew Rice, Andrea Rincon, Bill Ronalds, Tara Sabharwal, Bill Sazillo, Tia Scaltas, Jason Scuilla, John Semple, Sue Smith, Russ Spitkovsky, Christine Staehelin, Mayumi Takagi, Dan Warnander, Chris Warot, John Wunderlich, Barbara Wilson, and Bernie Zalon.

The Directors of the New York Society of Etchers are deeply honored to present this exhibition. We wish to thank all of the artists who supported the show – and juror David Kiehl for his hard and thoughtful effort on our behalf. We hope everyone enjoys reviewing this small selection of images from the exhibition, and, we hope everyone gets to see the show in New York City.

For more information from the New York Society of Etchers, write: info@nysetchers.org.

Selma Bromberg, Cyclamen
Selma Bromberg
Cyclamen ©

Kristin Casaletto, Just What Is It That Makes Jefferson Davis So Virile, So Appealing
Kristin Casaletto
Just What Is It That Makes Jefferson Davis So Virile, So Appealing ©

Jenny Freestone, Vessel Recycle
Jenny Freestone
Vessel Recycle ©

Ronald B, Stellar
Ronald B
Stellar ©

Tia Scaltsas, Tiger Hunt
Tia Scaltsas
Tiger Hunt ©

Art Hazelwood, Tora Bora
Art Hazelwood
Tora Bora ©

Jason Scuilla, Io Lo Vidi
Jason Scuilla,
Io Lo Vidi ©

Yuji Hiratsuka, Tangled
Jason Scuilla,
Io Lo Vidi ©