The Etching Salon 2007
The New York Society of Etchers
National Arts Club
15 Grammercy Park South
New York, New York
November 4 - 14, 2007


Etching and Intaglio Printmaking in New York
Sigmund Abeles

Etchings and Intaglios from New York artistsWilliam H. Skerritt

Etching and Intaglio Printmaking in New YorkZev Deans
Lou Netter

Etchings and Intaglios from New York artists
Soo Jin Chung

We are pleased to present this juried show timed to celebrate the 125th anniversary of the first official New York Etching Club exhibition in 1877. Our exhibition, featuring contemporary intaglio in traditional techniques, will be hung in a ‘salon style’, and include a broad sampling of current approaches to this time-honored printmaking medium.

Mr. David Kiehl, Curator of Prints at The Whitney Museum of American Art, juried the show on our behalf. Included in the exhibition are Sigmund Abeles, Rachel Burgess, Naomi Campbell, Ann Chernow, Soo Jin Chung, Hope Dector, T. Eisenbeis, Eduardo Fausti, Debra Fisher, Natalie Giugni, Kym Fulmer, Elizabeth Harington, Daniel Hauben, Sarah Hauser, Andy Hoogenboom, Erik Hougen, Mattias Kern, Joan E. Lane, Richie Lasansky, Brian Lynch, Diane Miller, Marjorie Miller, Jacques Moiroud, Robert B. Muirhead, Louis Netter, Joan O’Connor, Richard Pantell, Mark Ruff, Victoria Salzman, Selva Sanjinés S., Robin Sherin, Charlene Tarbox, Marilyn Silberstang, William H. Skerritt and Sharon Way-Howard.

The exhibition dates are from November 4th through November 14th 2007 at The National Arts Club. The National Arts Club is located at 15 Gramercy Park South, aka East 20th Street in New York City.

The galleries are open daily during normal business hours and on weekends from 12pm until 6pm..

For more information from the New York Society of Etchers, write: info@nysetchers.org.

Etching and Intaglio Printmaking in New York
Tom White

Etchings and Intaglios from New York artists
Hope Dector