Innovations in Contemporary Printmaking
The New York Society of Etchers
Housatonic Museum of Art,
Bridgeport, CT

January 29th - March 20th, 2005


Will Barnet ©

Sylvie Covey-Germaine © 

Desiree Alvarez ©

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Bridgeport, CT--The Housatonic Museum of Art in Bridgeport CT presented "Innovations in Contemporary Print Making" from January 29th through March 20, 2005. This exhibit was organized in conjunction with The New York Society of Etchers.

An opening reception was held Saturday, January 29th from 2-4pm in the gallery. This event was free and the public invited to attend. Contact 203.332.5052, info@nysetchers.org or http://www.hctc.commnet.edu/artmuseum/ for more information.

Gallery Hours at The Housatonic Museum of Art are: Monday through Friday 8:30am through 5:30pm, Thursday Evenings until 7pm, Saturday 9 am until 3pm, and Sunday Noon until 4pm.

Nationally recognized printmaker and painter Ann Chernow initiated the exhibition with The New York Society of Etchers and the Housatonic Museum of Art. This exhibition is a continuation in the series of major printmaking exhibitions aimed at exposing the general public to the best in contemporary intaglio printmaking in the world today.

Stephen A. Fredericks, founder of The New York Society of Etchers, Inc. curated the show which includes the work of 15 artists presenting over 65 prints and artist books. Many of New York's most important printmakers are exhibiting their most recent work at the Housatonic Museum of Art. This exhibition will focus on the cutting-edge trends and techniques within the medium. Included in the exhibition are Jennifer Ale, Desiree Alvarez, Will Barnet, Ann Chernow, Sylvie G. Covey, Andy Hoogenboom, Denise Kasof, Mohammad Khalil, Diane Miller, Richard Pantell, Steven Stankiewicz, Bruce Waldman, Steven Walker, Tom White and Gwen Williams.

For more information from the New York Society of Etchers, write: info@nysetchers.org.

Rick Pantell ©

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