Transit Views
The New York Society of Etchers
NYC Transit Museum
Grand Central Station
New York, New York

October 31 - November 5, 2003


Etchings and Intaglios by French, Canadian and American artists
Danny Hauben ©

Art by Anne Chernow
Anne Chernow ©

Fine artwork may be available for purchase
Steven Walker ©



The New York Society of Etchers, Inc. organized an exhibition of prints for presentation at The New York City Transit Museum in Grand Central Station. Twenty-five of the area's most prominent printmakers exhibited more than 50 contemporary works of art.

All of the images on exhibit included subject matter with a direct or indirect reference to metropolitan New York City’s urban mass transit system. Prints featuring bridges, buses, subways, tunnels, and stations like Grand Central formed the core of the exhibition. There were equally relevant and strong images of people interacting with the system including riding, playing music, drinking and sleeping.

The heart of the exhibition was made up of intaglio prints – such as etchings, aquatints, and mezzotints – although a number of the exhibiting artists also showed works in lithography, woodcut, linocut, or monotype.

The New Yorkers participating in this major survey of prints were: Will Barnet, Ann Chernow, Paul Chin Bor, Stephen A. Fredericks, Daniel Hauben, Martha Hayden, Andy Hoogenboom, Michael J. Leu, Frederick Mershimer, Jacques Moiroud, Bill Murphy, Rick Pantell, Michael Pellettieri, Alan Petrulis, Clare Romano, John Ross, Richard Sloat, Steven Stankiewicz, Emily Trueblood, Motoshi Wakabayashi, Bruce Waldman, Steven Walker, Tom White, Karen Whitman, and Bernard Zalon.

Educational displays on the intaglio and linocut printmaking processes accompanied the show along with specialty uses of the medium, such as artist books. A select group of artifacts from the Museum’s permanent collection were also on display.


For more information from the New York Society of Etchers, write: info@nysetchers.org.

Art by Frederick Mershimer
Frederick Mershimer ©

Etchings and Intaglios by French, Canadian and American artists
Stephen A. Fredericks ©