Hungarian Exchange
The NYSE Directors together with the Hungarian Society of Etchers
October 2001: Gallery IX, Budapest, Hungary
November 2001: Miskolc Museum of Art, Budapest, Hungary
January 2002: National Arts Club, New York


Etchings and Intaglios
Ilona Desci ©

Etchings and Intaglios by Hungarian and American artists
Laszlo Feszt ©

Etchings and Intaglios by French, Canadian and American artists
Martha Hayden ©



Immediately following the first juried exhibition of the New York Society of Etchers in September 2000 an international collaboration with another printmaker’s society was launched following a chance introduction to The Hungarian Society of Etchers. Artists Ann Chernow and Mohammed Khalil juried the New York component of the exhibition.

A few days after the New York artist’s prints were shipped to Budapest the World Trade Center in New York City was attacked. With a high level of international good will the opening reception for the exhibition in Budapest was held October 5th in our hosts’ street level Gallery IX space. The reception drew over 150 guests including many prominent members of the local political, civic and art community. In attendance were Janet E. Garvey Deputy Chief of the American Embassy, Mihaly Kokeny a member of the Hungarian Parliament, and Dr. Gegesy Ferenc the Mayor of District IX, Budapest. Also present were Csaba Cosak, Hungary’s leading art critic, other members of the press and a television crew. A violinist arranged for by the Embassy played two short pieces honoring casualties of the WTC, and, the friendship that exists between the United States and Hungary. Our Hungarian hosts included Imre Keri, Ilona Desci, Laszlo and Magdi Feszt and Antal Vasarhelyi – President of the Hungarian Society of Etchers.

During the month of November the New York prints were spontaneously shown in an additional exhibition at the Miskolc Museum of Art together with a previously scheduled exhibition of contemporary French and Hungarian intaglio artwork.

The reception in New York City for our collaborative exhibition was held January 15, 2002 at the National Arts Club. The event drew some 250 artists, friends and prominent members of the art world. Istvan Orosz, one of the exhibiting Hungarian artists, attended the opening. The NYSE presented a near duplicate of the Hungarian component of show to the New York Public Library as a gift from them. A catalogue was produced by the Society to document the exhibition Re-founded in 1998, The Society of Hungarian Society of Etchers is the successor organization of the Society of Hungarian Etchers originally founded in 1921. They are located in a culturally dynamic section of the 9th District of Budapest


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Etchings and Intaglios
Imre Keri ©

Fine artwork may be available for purchase
Michael Arike ©

Etchings and Intaglios by Hungarian and American artists
Istvan Orosz ©

Etchings and Intaglios by Hungarian and American artists
Antal Vasarhelyi ©